To top off the week, I wake up with a numb and mostly immobile thumb and scare my parents by bursting into tears because of exhaustion and stress


ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

Harry Potter + Scenery

Anonymous: Meg being a growly demon mother hen for Sam?


They probably should have known that Crowley couldn’t kill Meg. They should have known that nothing can kill Meg, who manages to show up again two years later with no information on where she’s been. Sam can guess, though.

She has a new vessel, which she assures Sam when he presses is socially conscious—brain-dead, vacant but for Meg. Sam’s grateful. He doesn’t want to think too highly of himself but he can’t help but think that it was for him.

Sam knows Cas is glad to have Meg back and Meg is glad to be back with Cas, but she spends a startling amount of time with him, too, growling at him to eat and sleep and take care of yourself, you fuckhead. It’s almost affectionate, and it almost makes Sam smile.

She stares down Dean when he pushes at Sam what she deems “too hard,” and Sam could almost laugh at seeing his brother back down over a demon wearing the five foot two inch body of a twenty year old girl. 

"You don’t have to," Sam finds himself saying on a regular basis.

She always rolls her eyes, says “shut up, Sam,” and then goes about doing exactly what she was doing before he spoke.


Pleased to Meet You

by Eiande

I want to give you a gift. I want to give you everything.”

Finished it! Probably with a little help from Morningstar, because usually I work much much slower:)

Since it is still the year 2014 and Supernatural hiatus continues, I went on a trip down the memory lane and guess who was waiting there? Lucifer wearing Sam Winchester’s body suit. Jared was absolutely brilliant portraying him, wasn’t he?

With a little nod and wink towards DC Comics Lucifer, because I adore those comics. And a little nod towards The Rolling Stones.


meg + being kinda good (requested by michaelmeningitis)

dear cas,